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Judy Zebra " J.

J. Z. Knight

Knight claims to bridge ancient wisdom and the power of consciousness together with the latest discoveries in science. Ramtha's teachings have been criticized by scientists and skeptics. Knight has been married three times and is the mother of two children from her first marriage Brandy and Christopher[11] which ended in divorce. Knight grew up in poverty. After graduating from high school, she dropped out of business school. Time called her "probably the most celebrated of all current channelers".

Knight owns several U.

ante ramants zabardasti

After an absence from public view of several years, she returned to public speaking on radio and in magazines and workshops. According to Knight, Ramtha was a Lemurian warrior who fought the Atlanteans over 35, years ago. According to Knight, Ramtha led the army for 10 years until he was betrayed and almost killed.

Knight maintains Ramtha spent the next seven years in isolation recovering and observing nature, the seasons, his army making homes and families, and many other things.

She says he later mastered many skills, including foresight and out-of-body experiencesuntil he led his army to the Indus River while in his late fifties after having led his army for 63 years. According to Knight, Ramtha taught his soldiers everything he knew for days, he bid them farewell, rose into the air and in a bright flash of light he ascended before them.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Knight says he made a promise to his army he would come back to teach them everything he had learned. JZ Knight says in Ramtha appeared before her and told her he had come to help her over the ditch. JZ Knight claims to have become his first student of what she calls the great work. Ramtha is the central figure the "master teacher" of Ramtha's School of Enlightenmentstarted by Knight in near the town Yelm, Washington.

Classes or "dialogues" had been held around the world for the previous 10 years. There are currently over 6, students of Knight's teachings.

Knight describes Ramtha as having brought his knowledge to many ancient civilizations in the world such as the Ancient Egyptians. Her website also suggests traces of the lineage of the original teachings and philosophies she claims Ramtha taught 35, years ago have appeared throughout history in the schools of philosophers such as Socratesreligions such as Hinduism and Judaismand the works of great minds such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The four cornerstones of Knight's philosophy are: [21]. Knight's teachings appear to be a mixture of Jungian philosophyWestern occult traditions and contemporary positive-thinking attitudes such as New Age beliefs [22] and have yet to stand against elementary skepticism or scrutiny.

When Knight says she is channeling Ramtha she speaks mostly in English in what sounds like an accent from the Indian Raj, [23] [24] sometimes in a simplistic way.

The claimed entity "Ramtha" has expressed confusion about modern items or even the ability to read English[25] although he seems to have clear understanding of complex issues of modern physicssuch as the quantum field or neurologywhich appear frequently in his speeches. In her teachings "Ramtha" has made several controversial statements such as Christianity is a "backward" religionthat Jesus ' parables can be explained by means of photon waves and probability[27] that "murder isn't really wrong or evil" if one believes in reincarnation[28] or during the court case JZ Knight v Jeff Knight Jeff Knight stated Ramtha had declared HIV is Nature's way of 'getting rid of' homosexuality.

I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now". The author of Finding Enlightenment testified for Knight in Knight vs. Knight — against her former husband, Jeffery Knight see below. Skeptics point to Ramtha's story as proof that he does not exist.

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Ramtha claims to come from the continent of Lemuria and to have conquered Atlantis. The existence of the two locations is considered of legendary nature, and neither has been found. Furthermore, the claim that Ramtha led an army of 2. Ramtha's claim that every person can learn to create their own reality [32] is itself a philosophical paradox.

Julian Bagginiin his book The pig that wants to be eatenargues that if everyone was capable of creating their own realities with their minds, it would be problematic as one person could then create a reality in which no one was allowed to create their own realities.

Magician and skeptic James Randi said that Ramtha's believers have "no way of evaluating [her teachings]", [34] while Carl Sagan in his book The Demon-Haunted World says that "the simplest hypothesis is that Ms. Knight makes 'Ramtha' speak all by herself, and that she has no contact with disembodied entities from the Pleistocene Ice Age. Knight's former husband, Jeff Knight, in an interview in with Joe Szimhart, said that Ramtha's teachings are a "farce" and that they are "just a money making business for [JZ Knight]".The school was established in by J.

Knightwho claims to channel a 35,year-old being called Ramtha the Enlightened One. The school's teachings are based on these channeling sessions.


InJ. The proposal was withdrawn. Inlessons were given to the public in more than 20 countries, including the Czech RepublicRomania and Chile for the first time. The school teaches that human beings have the capacity to utilize their inner wisdom, focus their brains, and create their own reality.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment teachings have been described as part of the New Age movement the school itself claims to be outside it. A controversial religious scholar, J. Allegedly, it is being taught that the nitric oxide in red wine not the alcoholalso found in pipe tobacco not the nicotinecan help to facilitate changes in the brain as a part of the process in which to achieve these means.

Through various focus techniques, the students believe they are on their way to becoming as "enlightened" as other shamans who can alter their personal reality at will.

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The students are taught that human beings can train themselves into such powers that will allow them to levitate, raise the dead, make gold appear in their hand and predict the future. Eventually this may lead to the "ascension" of the physical body into the "light body". Other skills allegedly obtained by attending the lessons include psychokinesistelepathyclairvoyanceand other ESP skills, [12] [ unreliable source ] which have been criticized by various skeptics around the world.

The dialogues, and a lot of transcripts from Knight's Ramtha talks, have been compiled and published over the course of many years. Videotapes of various dialogue sessions have also been released. While some major themes in the school's teachings are covered in these publications, more in-depth and systematic presentation of its philosophies and teachings is only accessible by attending a retreat in person.

In FebruaryKnight hosted a conference of scholars who had been studying her, the students and the school for the previous year. During their research phase, they also observed Knight's Ramtha sessions and measured various physiological functions of her body. The researchers examined Ramtha's teachings and the school's practices from a variety of perspectives, including physicsfeminismparapsychology and religion. Melton organized the research. In addition to the conference presenters, Knight invited the media to attend.In thear-Ramtha had a population of approximatelymaking it the eleventh largest city in Jordanand the second in Irbid Governorateand the city has grown since then.

ante ramants zabardasti

The stable climate in ar-Ramtha and its surrounding areas attracted many animals to live in neighborhood of ar-Ramtha, as well the simple conditions for managing a stable long life there attracted humans to make those regions their earliest choices to gather in groups of hunters and to live in rocky caves.

Artifacts and graves in the area show that ar-Ramtha has been inhabited since the Bronze Age even earlierbut the lack of study of the region gives us no exact information about when humans had selected the land for living. The Roman Empire utilized ar-Ramtha as a remote hub to cross-link their colonies.

The ruins of buildings and ancient Roman antiquities have been discovered at different parts of ar-Ramtha. During the Islamic expansionar-Ramtha, which was in the Hauran territory, was a port for Muslim scholars crossing between Syria and the Hejaz. Historically and sociologically, the city is the twin to Daraa city in Syria, which is located on just the other side of the border.

In it appeared in the Ottoman tax registers under the name of Ramtabeing part of the nahiya of Butayna in the Qadaa Hauran. It had an entirely Muslim population consisting of 16 households and 3 bachelors.

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Half of this was waqf income. During the battle of Ramoth Gilead between Israel and ArameansAhab of Israel joined Jehoshaphat in the battle but was mortally wounded by an arrow and died 1 Kings — Later in an incident occurred when Ahaziah and Joram fought against Hazaelking of Syria and Joram was wounded 2 Kings In this city, Jehuthe son of Jehoshaphat, was anointed by one of the sons of the prophets4.

North west of ar-Ramtha is the second largest source of shale oil in Jordan, [4] which if it is used in producing oil, can enhance economics in Jordan significantly. The summer is hot and long four months in averagebut it has cool nights. The yearly average number of days with rain is Ar-Ramtha's economy relies on commerce and import and export trading.

The Al Hassan industrial estate houses several outsourcing companies supported by foreign shareholders with most of the products sold to American and European markets. The city is famous for the inherited ritual-poetries recited in wedding ceremonies and public affairs. Dabke is an Arab folk dance native to Ar-Ramtha.

This city has two sports clubs, Al-Ramtha SCa football club which is also a member of the premium Jordan Leagueand Ittihad Al-Ramthaanother football club which is a member in the first division in Jordanian Football League.

The city is home to the Jordan University of Science and Technologywhich includes a large University hospital, KAUH that provides medical treatment in the region, and offers chances to medical students in the university to intern and learn during their study years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Your browser is not supported by this application. Inscribed in 3. It comprises myths of origin and addresses popular and political subjects concerning the inhabitants of the region of Rabinal, expressed through masked dance, theatre and music.

The narrative, divided into four acts, centres on a conflict between two major political entities in the region.

Recalling their ancestors is not simply a means of perpetuating the heritage of the past. It is also a vision of the future, since one day the living will join their ancestors. Today, it is especially threatened by the precarious economic state of the custodians and the community as a whole.

It is also confronted with folklorization and trivialization, which seriously threaten the transmission of knowledge and values associated to the performance of this drama tradition. Password forgotten? Guatemala Your browser is not supported by this application. The characteristics of the text and versification are evidence of a sophisticated pre-Hispanic Amerindian literary style.

OK Password forgotten?Before Israel's — Palestine war inthe area in the north was known by the Arabs as Sheikh Badr. In Decemberthe Israeli government headed by David Ben-Gurionpassed a resolution to build a government precinct in Jerusalem.

Givat Ram, a hill in the west of the city, which had been an assembly point for the Gadna Youth Battalionswas chosen for this purpose. The topography of the site, made up of three ridges, meshed with the idea of establishing three clusters of buildings — the government precinct, a university campus and a museum.

Rabinal Achí dance drama tradition

The northern part of the neighborhood, between the convention center and the university, where the government ministries are clustered, is officially known as Kiryat HaLeom.

It is one of the first high tech parks in Israel built in proximity to centers of academic research. It provides a starting base for technological start-up companies. Avi-Yonahwho unearthed hewn installations, cisterns and pools of various sizes dating to the Herodian period, bricks and tiles bearing stamps of the Tenth Roman Legionand the remains of a monastery.

He found remains of an oval-shaped potter's kiln, a preparation area for clay, and a deep water cistern. The area had been covered by a thick layer of plaster upon which were found large mortaria and many bricks, some bearing stamps of the Tenth Legion.

In Julya small excavation in the northwestern corner dismantled kilns of the Tenth Legion and lifted a mosaic floor of the Byzantine period. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Archived from the original on Retrieved 22 April Retrieved October 1, Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Post. Archived from the original on 23 June Neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

ante ramants zabardasti

Categories : Neighbourhoods of Jerusalem. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Giv'at Ram.It serves as the administrative seat for the surrounding municipality of the same name.

On his second visit to Guatemala, infriar Bartolome de las CasasO. It was important for Las Casas that this method be tested without meddling from secular colonists, so he chose a territory in the heart of Guatemala where there were no previous colonies and where the natives were considered fierce and war-like.

Because of the fact that the land had not been possible to conquer by military means, the governor of Guatemala, Alonso de Maldonadoagreed to sign a contract promising that if the venture was successful he would not establish any new encomiendas in the area. Las Casas's strategy was to teach Christian songs to merchant Indian Christians who then ventured into the area. These congregated a group of Christian Indians in the location of what is now the town of Rabinal. The actual town of Rabinal was also the site of a large-scale massacre during the Independence Day celebration of After the conquest, the Spanish crown focused on the Catholic indoctrination of the natives.

Human settlements founded by royal missionaries in the New World were called "Indian doctrines" or simply " doctrines ". Originally, friars had only temporary missions: teach the Catholic faith to the natives, and then transfer the settlements to secular parishes, just like the ones that existed in Spain at the time; the friars were supposed to teach Spanish and Catholicism to the natives.

And when the natives were ready, they could start living in parishes and contribute with mandatory tithing, just like the people in Spain. But this plan never materialized, mainly because the Spanish crown lost control of the regular orders as soon as their friars set course to America.

Shielded by their apostolic privileges granted to convert natives into Catholicism, the missionaries only responded to their order local authorities, and never to that of the Spanish government or the secular bishops.

The orders local authorities, in turn, only dealt with their own order and not with the Spanish crown. Once a doctrine had been established, the protected their own economic interests, even against those of the King and thus, the doctrines became Indian towns that remains unaltered for the rest of the Spanish colony. The doctrines were founded at the friars discretion, given that they were completely at liberty to settle communities provided the main purpose was to eventually transfer it as a secular parish which would be tithing of the bishop.

In reality, what happened was that the doctrines grew uncontrollably and were never transferred to any secular parish; they formed around the place where the friars had their monastery and from there, they would go out to preach to settlements that belong to the doctrine and were called "annexes", "visits" or "visit towns". Therefore, the doctrines had three main characteristics:.

The main characteristic of the doctrines was that they were run by a group of friars, because it made sure that the community system would continue without any issue when one of the members died. Inthe Order of Preachers split their large doctrines —which meant large economic benefits for them— in groups centered around each one of their six monasteries, and the Rabinal doctrine was moved under the Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala monastery jurisdiction: [8].

The town of Rabinal boasts a large, colonial-era baroque church.Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? In Finding EnlightenmentJ.

Gordon Melton, a respected scholar of traditional modern religions, chronicles the life of JZ Knight, her extraordinary experiences as the channel for the ancient warrior teacher Ramtha, and the school whose teachings are based on the ancient wisdom of Gnosticism. Located in Yelm, Washington, this esoteric mystery school was founded by Knight in Melton presents the Gnostic teachings of Ramtha and shows how the inner path of wisdom and knowledge is accessible to students today.

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Mantralaya - Prasanna - Sri Raghavendra Swamy Kannada Devotional Songs

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ante ramants zabardasti

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. He has also written some works that are more controversial, considering as valid "religions" several groups that some observers label as "cults. While some have cast aspersions on Melton for these latter books even accusing him of being "bought off" by the groups, owing to his generally sympathetic treatment of themI don't think this is justified; anyone who has read any of his encyclopedic works will realize that Melton is very sympathetic to ALL religionsfrom Islamic mystics, to "snakehandling" Christian churches.

That said, this book is a fascinating survey of the teachings of Ramtha as presented by JZ Knight, as well as Knight herself.

The focus, however, is on the School of Enlightenment itself, which was begun inand has had prominent students such as the actress Linda Evans. Melton notes that the average age of the beginning student was their 30s, and in their 40s for an advanced student, so these are not starry-eyed teenaged "newcomers" to the alternative spirituality movement. Melton says that "Having satisfied myself that JZ was sincere in what she was doing, I was ready to move on to the more substantive criticisms that had been leveled at her.

Knight struggling with "becoming comfortable with Ramtha's presence. He even covers JZ's advice to her followers to invest in her Arabian horse business, a venture that was unsuccessful.

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Whether one believes in the reality of Ramtha and of this message I don'tthis book is a highly informative study of a very interesting religious movement. I thought that this book provided a unique, somewhat unbiased perspective on Ramtha, the school and all the issues about it's origin's, growth, challenges, etc.

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